Monday, December 12, 2011

August vacation

So these pictures are in reverse order, it wasn't worth the effort to fix them. Here are highlights of our trip to California in August. We went to 5 beaches, visited a couple of temples, went hiking in Bryce Canyon, and most importantly had a good time relaxing and enjoying each others company.

Jacob and Joshua hanging out in our hotel in Las Vegas on our way home.

We got a really good deal so we stayed in the Hilton, it was nice to not have a casino in the hotel.

Huntington Beach - Surf City - with some of our really good friends from Peru

Sunset Beach - it was beautiful

Sunset Beach - hence the name, the sunset was beautiful we took tons of pics

Ben and I tried to go to a session at the L.A. temple, and Ivan was going to watch the kids, but it was closed : (

Jacob and Joshua playing on the Beach at Corona del Mar (Crown of the Sea)

This is Inspiration Point in Corona Del Mar, it is even more gorgeous in the night time. I love to sit here and listen to the waves. This was in my area in my mission for 9 months of my mission! I love this place!

my two cute boys in front of the San Diego temple

One of my favorite Beaches - Coronado - it's an island off the coast of San Diego

Jacob and Joshua being thoroughly entertained by the gorillas (who escaped the picture) at San Diego Zoo

We buried Jacob on Mission Beach in San Diego

Jacob with Ivan's great aunt

We visited Ivan's cousin and great-aunt in California

On the road again, my kind brother Ben joined us on our vacation and helped drive. So I stayed in the back to entertain the kiddos

Hiking in Bryce Canyon

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