Monday, December 17, 2012

 Here are some pictures from the last year (sorry they are in a very random order):

At Wheeler Farm

Family pictures in May 


me and my boys


At the Living planet aquarium with the sharks

Living Planet Aquarium

Joshua playing o the swing set
 Ivan and the boys hiking

Spring Program at Challenger Preschool

Mother's Day with my two little loves
me and the boys on the hike

Joshua playing with the sprinkler

eating popsicles!

chowing on snowcones

Waiting for the fireworks on the fourth of July

Jacob playing soccer

enjoying temple square one afternoon

in front of the conference center

showing off our pumpkin

All dressed up for Halloween a marathoner, a fireman, and a dragon

our first snowman of 2012

Thanksgiving with the Anderson's

Jacob's Christmas program at Challenger School 2012

Santa with the kids after the program
 a piece of artistic freehand work from Jacob
Jacob showing off his Blending Badge he earned at school. It's a great accomplishment for four year old kids at Challenger. It shows all the different word groups they can read