Saturday, April 25, 2009

it's been a long time

Well first of all here is what we have been up to over the last month or two so.....
Ivan went to visit his family in Peru. He hadn't been for about 8 years. I was really sick when I was in Venezuela on my mission so we didn't think it would be a real wise idea to take Jacob to South America at such a young age. So we will probably go as a family in a few years when Jacob is a little older. He loved seeing friends and family, but he also really loved running along the coast. Here are some picture.

Here is Ivan and Tiffany (his niece) riding a 4 wheeler at a park

This is Ivan with Tiffany, his niece whom he had never met in person until this trip. She is almost 4 years old.

Here is a pic from my birthday we went to Macaroni Grill, it was really yummy.

Here is a picture taken on Easter Sunday at my parents home.

Here is a family picture we took with Ivan's mom at Temple Square. You don't want to know how many pictures were taken to get one with Jacob looking at the camera and smiling. It was very cold, and he was more interested in the water fountains and flowers than the camera, but who can blame him.

Lately we have been enjoying the good wheather and taking Jacob to the park to play a lot. He loves going the park and we have a nice new park that is within walking distance. He love going on the big kid slide so I go up and down the slide with him multiple times whenever we go to the park. The two parks that we usually go to has ducks. Jacob loves to chase the ducks and see them run back into the pond. So far he hasn't been able to catch one Jacob also loves giving hugs and kisses. When you say "kiss, kiss" to him he puckers right up.