Sunday, December 20, 2009

a nice old man, and a cute sleeping boy

So on Friday I was walking into work and I tripped on an area of raised cement. I tried to catch myself, but to no avail I fell all the way to the ground landing mostly on my left hand/arm, and my side. I was in pain, and immediately started thinking about the baby. I've heard of women who loose their babies from a hard fall during pregnancy. Tears started streaming down my face. I nice old man came over and stopped his car. He said that he had seem me fall and asked if I was okay. I felt that the Lord was watching out for me by sending this kind man to help. I ended up going to the doctor because my hand was hurting pretty badly. They think it is just a bruised bone but, their are going to check it again tomorrow for a possible fracture because it was pretty swollen. Luckily everything is fine with the baby, which is what I was most worried about. I am behind now on my Christmas cards, because with my left hand in a splint everything takes a little bit longer. So if you get our Christmas card late this year forgive me : )

Friday night we went to temple square with my family to see the lights. By about 9:30 Jacob was exhausted so my dad was carrying him on his shoulders. He ended up falling asleep on my dad's head. None of us had our cameras with us, but another family (whom we didn't know at all) had camera and they thought that Jacob was so cute and wanted to take his picture. They got my e-mail and sent it to me, so here it is for your viewing enjoyment.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

my cute little boy

So Jacob as been doing some things that are extra cute lately. He likes to take me by the hand and say “Ven” (come here in Spanish) and pull me down the hall to his room, and then he says toys, or cars, and he sit down and play for a while.
This morning I was curing my hair, and he wanted me to come with him. As soon as I finished he took me by the hand and led my into mine and Ivan’s room and pointed at the bed I asked him in Spanish if he wanted to cuddle with me and he got a big smile on his face and nodded his head. (I am amazed at how he understands both languages so well.0 So we cuddled up on the bed for a little while. This happened after we ate breakfast too. He is such a sweet heart.