Monday, November 16, 2009

Bryce Canyon and Zion's

In October we went to Bryce Canyon and Zion's with my mom and dad, Cami, Issac, and Ben. We had a great time. Here are some of the pictures.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

to sum it all up.....announcing

Well it seems like most people who don't have time to blog in the day time, blog after their kids go to bed at night. My little one is pretty good about going to bed at a decent hour (usually between 8-9) but after he goes to bed, I am the chemistry tutor. Ivan is taking a chemistry class, which he wasn't really trilled about but it was needed for his nursing major. He doesn't like chemistry, I happen to love chemistry. I counted that I took 10 different chemistry classes throughout my college experience.... so as a result we end up studying chemistry usally until 11 or 1am. By that time I am just too tired to pull out the computer and up date everyone on what's going on in our lives.

SO THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT (for those of you who haven't already heard) WE'RE EXPECTING AND IT'S ANOTHER BOY! YEAH! I'm due March 22nd.

I didn't care if we had a boy or a girl, Ivan really wanted a girl. But I started pounting out all of the good things about it and it think he's pretty excited too. For example: no new wardrobe for the baby (I have about 5 keepers of Jacob's clothes saved), another male to carry on the family name, another person to add to the family soccer team (not that girls don't play soccer, but they won't have to go easy on her) and many more reasons. My brother and his wife are expecting twin boys in Dec. or Jan. so there will be 4 boys on the Carlson side, and no girls yet.

As for other things that have been happening, Jacob was a lion for Halloween, his little roar was so cute. He doesn't know how to say "trick or treat" so he just held out his hand and said "pwease". Sorry no pics. I was at my mom's and I forgot to bring my camera.

Jacob, Ivan and I have all taken our turns being sick over the last couple of weeks. Between aweful colds and the flu we've had about everything. Ivan's been great and taking care of me and helping me get enough rest.

Here are some pics from Labor Day weekend (sorry we've been kind of busy...) we went to Houston to see Ivan's sister and her family.

Ivan with Jacob and his niece Maylin (she is almost a year younger than Jacob, but weighs almost as much : ) ).

Ivan playing volleyball (his favorite sport after soccer)

Jacob swimming in an awesome backyard pool on Labor Day.

coming soon: pics from our trip with my family to Bryce Canyon, and Zion's in October