Wednesday, July 22, 2009

catching up

Well as we all know life can get quite busy, as a result I am a little behind on our blog. So I guess I'll just have to add a few pics at a time of all of our July adventure, because there were many....So this summer has been a lot of fun. Ivan got a really nice bike for Father's Day and then we were given an awesome bike trailer so we love to go on little bike trips with Jacob to Liberty Park. If you haven't been you've got to visit Liberty Park when you are in Salt's got something for everyone. They have the Tracy Aviary, and a small lake with paddle boats, carnival type rides for the kids, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a running trail, bike/roller bladding side walk, a splash pad for the's a lot of fun. So fourth of July weekend we rode over there on the bikes and Jacob played in the water, and we rented a paddle boat. Then we went home and went swimming in our pool. It was great.

the bike ride

the airplane ride

the paddle boat ride
the fireworks!
That night we went to my sister Jenny's and we had a b-b-q and did fireworks. The faces Jacob pulled when he saw the fireworks were unforgettable. On the fourth we went hiking up Mill Creek canyon. Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's for a fourth of July party, and we watched the fireworks at Sugar House Park in Salt Lake....Jacob loved those fireworks too.

p.s. Jacob loves snap pops, he especially loves stopping on them and hearing them pop.

swimming in the dark I am very much looking forward to the time when we have our own back yard. We currently own a condo in Salt Lake...but one of the perks is we have a pool right outside our door. Another great thing is hardly anyone uses it besides us. It is rare to see other people in the pool. So it basically feels like our own : ).I love going swimming anytime of the day.....but we especially love going swimming at night. After a long hot summer day.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June adventures

Well here are some fun things, and some interesting things that happened over the last month or so..... The week after we came back from Yellowstone, Ivan had an accident at work and cut his cornea. Luckily the cornea is something that heals quickly, and Ivan was feeling better within a few days. Then....just as he started feeling better he and Jacob came down with influenza A. The doctor said it was most likely swine flu because influenza A is not common at this time of year. So...they treated Jacob, Ivan and I (even though I tested negative) and within a week we were pretty much back to normal.
Jacob loves swimming sooo.... we go quite often. Usually several times a week.
One night after going swimming Jacob and I were cold, so we made a "hot tub" in the bath tub. I love his gleeful look in this picture.

We went down to Ephraim to the Manti pagaent and stayed in a beautiful restored home that was over 100 years old.

This is Jacob and grandma playing air hockey as we waited for Jenny to arrive for her suprise birthday party. He loves air hockey!

Jacob has a "date" with Grandma, Ben, and Jenny every week for the summer. They take him to fun places. He has a great time, and he and grandma have bonded very quickly. Today when she went to leave to go home, he put his arms out for grandma to hold him, and then he gave me a kiss and waved good-bye. He thought he was going home with grandma. He sure loves his grandparents.

One week they went to Lagoon. It's crazy to think that I used to fit in one of those little dolphins : )

One week they went to the Wheeler Farm.
Today, I joined in and we went to the Discovery Museum at the Gateway. That place is so fun! Jacob loved playing in the water station, going rock climbing, launching balls through the vaccuum tube, going in the real helicopter.... It was a blast.
I'll have to get a pic. soon of Jacob and Ivan riding the bike together. Ivan got a really nice bike for Father's Day, and we were given a great bike trailer/stroller by one of my mom's friends whose kids had outgrown it. We love going to Liberty Park now by bike or even running there.

Here are a couple cute family pics that Amber did for us.