Sunday, September 18, 2011

May events

In May we took a little trip down to Zion's and Las Vegas. Our main reason for going was to see Ivan's godmother, her son and his family. They had flown in from Peru to California so we met them in Las Vegas. We had a lot of fun spending some time with them. This picture isn't very clear but starting on the left is their son, then Ivan carrying Joshus on his back, then Ivan's godmother, her son Paco is next to her followed by his wife and Jacob and I on the end. (they have a daughter too but she was taking the picure.)

Some of Ivan's family friends from Peru. Jacob adored the little girl sitting next to him, her name is Jenny.

Ivan with his god mother she was visiting from Peru

Jacob with his M&M candies from the M&M factory

We went to an awesome aquarium at Mangdalay Bay. There were shark tunnels, aligators, tons of fish... Jacob, Joshua and I by a tank of giant Jelly fish

Ivan helping Jacob touch a sting ray

Down by the Narrow at Zion's

We love hiking: ) This was at Zion's