Sunday, October 9, 2011


Here are some of the things we did during June:just hung out...

We went to the Church history museum and they have really re-done the children's area upstairs. They have a hands on area about the Book of Mormon and another area about latin America....

Jacob got dressed up and is learning how to do a Mexican dance

Jacob and Joshua driving a truck with animals in the back

Jacob collecting eggs from the hens... they make life-like hen noises it's pretty cool

going fishing in Nephi's boat.

sleeping in the bunkbeds like the ones on the ships which the pioneers took to come to America...if you haven't been there recently you should go. Now Jacob often asks if he can go play at the temple (because it's right by temple square)

who knew playing in a box could be so much fun

playing at the park on a chilly day

we love to go for bike rides. Isn't it so cute that their holding hands : ) We recently gave this bike trailor to my sister and got two front seater kids bike seats one for Ivan's bike and one for mine. We love to ride to Liberty Park, the Jordan River trail or around the neighborhood.