Sunday, October 10, 2010

In Tune

It is amazing how in tune to the Spirit little children can be. With recently watching conference, Jaocb has been talking more about President Monson. It The Friend this month Jacob saw a picture of the inside of the conference center with the podium and organ pipes and proudly exclaimed "President Monson" pointing at the picture. So today in the afternoon I asked Jacob if he wanted to go see where President Monson talks and of course he did. So we took the kids down to temple square (one of the reasons I enjoy living in Salt Lake is being so close to temple square that it's easy to drive down there for a Sunday afternoon walk). We took a tour of the tabernacle and the nice elderly missionary that was giving us the tour just couldn't get enough of how enthusiatic Jacob was about President Monson. I think Jacob believed he was really going to meet President Monson. We came around a corner on one of the upper floors and Jacob saw a picture of the prophet and exclaimed "President Monson!" So the elderly missionary said "Let me get a picture of your family by that picture." We went out of the roof and the senior missionary told Jacob he could put his hands in the fountain water and Jacob couldn't have been happier. Later after our tour we went over to temple square and Jacob saw the statue of Christ. We have been talking recently one a two year old level about how Jesus had "owies" in his hands and feet, and how much Jesus loves us and wants us to be nice. Jacob saw the nail marks in his hands and feet and he reverently pointed it out to us. I had also recently showed Jacob some pictures of temples and told his that it was "Jesus' house" As we walked by the temple tonight before we said anything about the temple Jacob exclaimed "Jesus house!" We had a great time being together as a family!

6 months

Joshua and Jacob are as cute as can be. We can't believe Joshua is 6 months old already. He had two teeth when he turned 6 months old and in the last week or so he started breaking 6 teeth at the same time! Despite this he is doing very well. He is 16 lbs (30%), and 29 inches long (95%). His favorite new food is cheerios. I think he likes them because they give him something to crunch inbetween those teeth. The sad news is that he had a renal scan on his kidney in September and now they are doth draining about 40-50% slower than they should. So now he has to have surgery. It is a 6 hour surgery and he is be in Primary Children's hospital for 3-5 days. Then he will have a drainage tube coming out his back for about 4-5 weeks. Even though it will be very hard to see our little boy go through such a difficult surgery we are grateful that we live so close to such great Medical care considering that we are just a few miles away from the hospital and some children drive for many hours to come and recieve care here.