Saturday, September 19, 2009

some of our adventures

Jacob - petting a little goat at the petting zoo at the fair. He loves animals.
In August we went to the Salt Lake county fair and Jacob rode a pony which he throughly enjoyed.

Here is a picture of our hike to the Timpanogas Caves. Jacob loved the caves.

In the beginning of August at Cascasde Springs in American Fork canyon.

This was a picture Ivan took of Jacob on the trail at Cascade Springs.
Then in August Ivan and I took a quick trip to California to the sealing of one the the families I taught on my mission. That was an experience of a life time. I love this family so much and to be able to see them get sealed in the temple was a real blessing.
It was also neat to see some of the people that I served among in that ward on my mission for 9 months. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be there. I couldn't believe how much the "primary kids" had changed. One of them was the bishop's son when I was there, and the bishop had wanted us to share the missionary discussions with his son before he got baptized. Well, after the sealing later that night we were at the wedding party and that same "little boy" (now a deacon) came up to me and said that he just wanted to thank me for teaching him the missionary discussions before he was baptized. He is a really sincere kid. While in California we were also able to go to several beaches, and swim in the ocean.
This picture was at Huntington Beach, CA a.k.a."Surf City USA"
This is one of my favorite spots, it's called Inspiration Point, and it's in Corna del Mar (can you believe this was part of my area on my mission!)
and we went to our favorite Peruvian restuarant. All that in less than 48 hours. My mom and dad watched Jacob while we were there. Unfortunately the batteries to our camera died (both sets), so we don't have many pictures of the beautiful ocean and the beach at Corna del Mar, CA. We used our camera to take a lot of pictures of the happy eternal family after they came out of the temple because their batteries died too. My parents watched Jacob while we went to California. It was Jacob's first night away from mom and dad, but he really enjoyed his time ith grandma and grandpa especially their trip to the county fair. We also recently took a trip to Houston, Texas to see Ivan's family, but that will have to be in another blog because it's getting late .....