Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joshua's 1!

Ivan's mom came to visit for Joshua's birthday. I was amazed at home much more Spanish Jacob spoke after just a week of her visiting. Here are some pictures of her visit and the fun things we did for Joshua's birthday.
She was very excited to visit temple square

group hug Grandma Ines and the boys
Joshua opening presents with Jacob's help :)
Joshua's chocolate cup cake
We went to Old Spegetti Factory the night of Joshua's birthday and he LOVED the spegheti! Here he is being sung to with one candle in his dish of spamoni ice cream.
Jacob and mommy
Joshua and mommy
the after swimming picture with grandma Ines
We went swimming for Joshua's birthday. Swimming is Jacob and Joshua's favorite activty!

Happy Birthday Joshua we love you! You bring so much joy to our lives! We are so grateful that after a difficult year with surgery and many sicknesses that you are doing well and are enjoying being a happy healthy little boy!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun times

Our trip to Hogle Zoo - free day. We love our new double stroller. We had a double jogger and it has so big and kind of a hassle to put together that we rarely used it. This double stroller folds up so small and each of the seats recline individually. We've only had it a few weeks and its already gotten a lot of use.
This picture is in from of some rhinos. The other day we were eating breakfast and there was a noise outside and Jacob said: "The rinofurus are going to eat us!" It made me laugh.

Our two cute boys after church

Celebrating Grandpa's birthday

Jacob and Joshua playing trains

I love this one

Joshua crawls and crawls and crawls and he is now taking his first steps : )

Playing hide and seek

going fishing