Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jacob is one year old

I can't believe our little boy is one year old. For his birthday we went to the Fairmont Aquatic Center. It is a really fun pool for kids. The day after his birthday my family came over and we had a birthday party for him. His favorite toy was a cell phone from Grandma. Don't worry it's not a real one. He also really likes his push toy that coverts to a little car he can ride on. He is the greatest blessing. We love him so much. Here are some pictures from his birthday.

Jacob giving a piano recital. He loves to play the piano. He loves to dance as he plays too.

Uncle Ben playing sharades (sp?)

Jacob opening his photo album that mommy made. Cami, and Isaac and Jenny look on.

Aunt Jenny and Uncle Brett

Aunt Cami, and Jacob with Grandma in the back ground

Mommy and Jacob with the soccer theme hats

Jacob at his birthday party

Playing in the water: mommy and Jacob

The watering mushroom : )

Having a smoothie at Costco, on Jacob's birthday

Thursday, February 5, 2009

better late than never

our little helper

Ivan and I Christmas night

Taking a nap with Jacob on Christmas Day in the afternoon, I think he was a little more tired than me.

Jacob opening his first present Christmas morning from Santa "grandma and grandpa".

Opening presents at our house before we went to my mom and dads

Here are some pictures of us from Christmas. We spent Christmas with my family in Brigham. It was good to see every one. The last is of My sister Heather and I on Christmas Eve I love this picture. There is a funny pictures of Jacob at our house, cleaning the floor. I think he takes after me : )